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The new season's membership is now open.


The new membership secretary is Jenny Ulyatt  07793 360243


 Membership fees for the season 2022-23 Fee payable  
 Adult  £190.00  
 Family  £380.00  
 Receiving Benefits  £100.00  
 Student  £100.00   
 Junior 12-18  £75.00   
 Junior Under 12  £65.00   
 Mini member U9  £10.00   
 Guardian  £50.00   

Additional Information

The table above shows the current fee structure until 31st March 2023. Please note that these fees apply regardless of when you join in the season (unless stated otherwise), so the earlier you join the better!

Family membership can cover 2 adults and up to 4 children under 18 living at the same address. Any additional children must apply separately. Please note: Family membership MUST include at least one child. The Club also welcomes single-parent families and is keen to encourage and help them to join us. If you are a single parent and would like more information about how we can help, please contact the Membership Secretary (Jenny Ulyatt) on 07793 360243. Junior Members. Please note that in order to qualify for Junior 12-18 category, you must be under 18 on 1st April (the first day of the season) and for Under 12 membership under 12 on the same date. Those still at school in full-time education but turned 18 on 1st April of the season in question may count as being "Junior" for that season.

Student members must be full-time undergraduate students and will be required to give their student ID number when applying. Any final year students leaving Durham permanently at the end of the Summer Term are invited to contact the Membership Secretary as a special rate will normally apply in such cases.

Mini members are children under 9 years on 1st April. The fee entitles the member to receive coaching and enter competitions. Mini members are FREE if at least ONE parent is a full-paying member.

Guardian membership is intended for any adult who, being the parent of a child receiving coaching, wishes to play only occasionally and only with his/her child and at quiet times only.

Visitors must be signed in by a member and may play for a maximum of two visits for a fee £5.00 per hour (Under 18 visitors £1.00 per hour). 

Proof of membership is provided by a membership shoe tag which will be sent to all members and which must be worn at all times when on court.



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