Floodlight System


DALTC has 6 floodlit all weather courts enabling evening play throughout the year until 10.00pm daily. The floodlights are operated via the use of “access” codes which can be purchased from the vending machine situated within the clubhouse. The codes contain either 2 (1 hour) or 4 credits (2 hours) and cost £5 and £10 respectively. If you do not use all of your access code’s credit the system will remember the balance remaining for future use so retain your code until all the credits have been used after which it can be discarded. To use the access codes follow the step by step written instructions displayed on the wall surrounding the floodlight controller. Shelf 407 of the vending machine dispenses 1 hour codes and shelf 408 2 hour codes. The codes are provided in small white plastic wallets which are re-usable so please leave these in the drawer to the left hand side of the vendor for future use once you have removed your code. ("Privileged users" should continue to use their previously assigned password for events, team matches and coaching. Personal use will require the purchase of an access code as described above.)