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Membership Update

Good news! We are open again but it is very important that you read the following very carefully.


Update for all those wishing to renew their membership from last season and for any prospective new members


We have been given a green light to open up the Club from Wednesday 13th May but in a very limited way and with an obligation to impose very strict conditions upon anyone wishing to come down and play. Some of these are laid down by the government, some by the LTA and some by us on behalf of the Club. For the sake of simplicity, we outline those conditions here.


1.     Only those who are fully paid up members for the 2020-21 season will be allowed to play (see Membership Secretary’s notes below). If you play, you MUST be wearing your ORANGE membership tag.


2.     In order to minimise the chances of virus transmission, “social distancing” should be adhered to at all times outside family groups anywhere on the site.

3.     Doubles play is only permitted within family groups.

4.     Individual members may play singles against another member but only one match in any one day. They may also practise serving on their own if a court is free.

5.     The clubhouse will have to remain closed.

6.     Players must bring their own hand-sanitisers with them and use them both before entering the courts and before leaving them.

7.     Only courts 6, 4, 3 and 1 will be available for use (to facilitate social distancing between playing groups) and the courts MUST be used in that order.

8.     All coaching remains suspended until further notice.

9.   It is more important than ever that you wear your orange membership tag when playing.


It is regrettable that we have not yet been permitted to go any further than this (as we would very much have liked to do) but would ask you all to respect these conditions and obey them to the letter.


The renewal process can begin again as from today and we very much hope that as many of you as possible will wish to support your Club in these difficult times by renewing your membership as you would already have done had we not been in these extreme circumstances. Our hope is that, in due course and preferably sooner rather than later, we will be able to lift at least some of the above restrictions and that all our members will be able to enjoy some play, even if with social distancing measures in place. After all, ours is an outdoor activity and it is generally acknowledged that the chances of contracting or passing on the virus in the open air are hugely reduced.


New Members

As always the Club welcomes new members, although we regret that at this time we cannot offer the usual free trial session prior to joining.


Renewal process 

In accordance with my previous communication we are extending the period during which you can renew your membership at the reduced rate. However, we are going further than that in the hope that you will all respond in great numbers to show your support for the Club and to be absolutely ready to resume play as soon as we are allowed to do this. We have decided that the reduced rates will remain in place until 31st May which gives members over a fortnight from today in which to renew their membership and save some money. After this date, the renewal rates will align with the new member rates for the rest of the season. In a further attempt to induce members to renew now, we have decided that the 2020-21 season will be extended, at least until 31st May 2021 (thus giving back to members the two months lost since 1st April), the exact date being determined to some extent by the date we can resume more or less normal play.


So, please get renewing as soon as possible and I will send out membership tags and cards as usual. Please bear in mind the membership cards will not have the adjusted end date for the 2020 season, nor will it reflect the temporary conditions of play we are obliged to apply for the time being.


Please would you help by following these guidelines for renewal:


1.     Wherever possible renew and pay online.

2.     Remember that payment is not automatic and ensure that you make the correct payment and within 24 hours (at most) of renewing, preferably immediately (see below for table of renewal rates up to and including 31st May and then after 1st June)

3.     Please do not telephone me but email me at if you have problems logging in to your account and I will be able to help you.

4.     Please also ensure that you choose the correct category for you. It creates a lot of work if you get this wrong.



On or before 31/05/2020

On or after 01/06/2020







Weekday (no new members)



Receiving state benefits






Student (full-time)



Junior 12-18



Under 12



Mini member
















On behalf of the Committee we would like to send our very best wishes to all our faithful members and express the dual hope that you are keeping safe and well and that it will not be long before we all meet up again on the occasion of a joyful return to some kind of normality. Watch out for further updates and keep an eye on the website at


Best wishes,


Mike Eggleston

Rodney Thomas