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We are sorry to have to disappoint you but we have had to suspend the joining and renewal process for the time being. Since the new season began we have been almost overwhelmed with applications from both existing and new members, such that we are concerned that court availability might suffer particularly in the three months ahead while the Durham University students are up. Although we can never guarantee that members will always find a free court when they arrive at the Club, the Committee feels keenly a responsibility to protect the playing experience of our members as best we can. To continue to accept applications before we have tested whether we can cope with the demand from our existing members we feel would not be in the interests of our 360 members.


Waiting List

If you would like to be added to our waiting list in the event of our re-opening the membership at some point in the future, please email Rodney Thomas at giving the full names of all the applicants, your telephone contact number and the category of membership in which you are interested. PLEASE DO NOT TELEPHONE AS NO TELEPHONE APPLICATIONS FOR WAITING LIST WILL BE ACCEPTED.

The Committee will keep the situation under regular review and as soon as we feel that it is appropriate to do so, we will re-open membership to both new members and those who were members last season. Once again please accept our apologies that we have to disappoint you - at least for the time being.


DALTC Committee